Fall Harvest, Samhain Clearing Kit with Cinnamon Broom, Manifesting Anointing Oil, Apple Candle Gift Set

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This kit makes a wonderful gift for anyone!

6 inch Cinnamon Broom - Allow the scent of cinnamon to fill your space, clear & banish any stagnant energy, offer protection, strength, courage, and faith. Bring harmony, wisdom & manifest your intentions this Fall Harvest Season! Cinnamon has long been valued for its protective and spiritual awakening properties as well as adding a little extra fire to intentions.

Dressed with organic Dried Green Apple & Evergreen designed to evoke the Fall Season, and add a delicious scent to the space as you do a little Fall Clearing ritual! Cypress is the spiritual symbol of of immortality. It reflects eternal life after death due to its vertical & upward growth signifying the soul moving toward the celestial kingdom. Evergreens are also known for strength, clearing , longevity, ancient magick & wisdom. The color green is associated with the Heart Chakra, growth, abundance & luck!

Unscented Red Apple Candle - Ready for you to anoint with your intention oil while focusing with emotion on your wishes. Apples are known for good health & happiness. Ancient meanings of this beautiful tree include the "Tree of Love" and is associated with Aphrodite, goddess of love, making Apples the perfect fruit to manifest and usher in love & happiness. The color Red - love, passion, Root Chakra, & strength energy & security.

1 Dram Anointing Oil is made with all natural ingredients. Each little bottle is different and unique & made to order using herbs, resins, & flowers from our own sacred organic garden. The aromatic essence of these herbs releases their energies into the oil. We mix with Jojoba oil, crystals and the essential oil of your choice at check out to create your personal oil vial for anointing. No two are alike, therefore your Anointing Oil may look different than the picture shown because it was made just for you. Choose scented or unscented at checkout.

This oil can be used for anointing objects, intentions, journals, yourself (but do a small skin test 1st just to be sure you do not have any allergies) Do not use on pets or ingest.