Glass Chakra Strand, Glass Suncatcher, Home Glass Art

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So colorful and joyful AND Fair Trade! Representing the Chakras this glass strand will be beautiful in your space! Perfect for meditation when catching the beautiful sun! Makes a great gift!

Hang this near your window, door, porch, deck, Drape it on your mantel or hang this in your sacred space! You will LOVE the vibrant colors and the beautiful Glass!

Product Dimensions: .63x24”L +Hanger


•Red - Root Chakra - Relates to: Survival, Grounding, & Stability / Sanskrit name: Muladhara

•Orange - Sacral Chakra - Relates to: Creation, Sexuality, Soul Fire / Sanskrit name: Svadhishthana

•Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra - Relates to: Personal Power, Self -Worth, Self Confidence / Sanskrit name: Manipura

•Green - Heart Chakra - Relates to: Love, Inner Peace, Joy / Sanskrit name: Anahata

•Sky Blue - Throat Chakra - Relates to: Communication, Self Expression, Speaking your Truth / Sanskrit name: Vishunddha

•Blue - Third Eye Chakra - Relates to: Intuition, Imagination, Wisdom / Sanskrit name: Anja

•Purple - Crown Chakra - Relates to: Universal Consciousness, Enlightenment, Higher Self / Sanskrit name: Sahasrara