Hand-Finished Cyan-Blue Mermaid Statue with Antique Touch | Unique Sea-Inspired Decor for Your Haven

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Dive into whimsy with our ceramic contemplative Mermaid statue! Enchantingly glazed in cyan-blue with a vintage touch. Each one is hand-finished, ensuring a unique treasure for your sea-inspired haven! She would look beautiful in a beachy or coastal-themed bathroom, living room, kitchen, or bedroom!

Product Dimensions: 2.25x7.75x4.5”H
Because these are hand-finished each will be unique and may look a little different than the photo.

A MERMAID SPIRIT GUIDE is a mythical and mystical symbol often associated with deep emotions, intuition, and a connection to the subconscious. As guides, mermaids may encourage individuals to explore their own emotional depths, embrace femininity and sensuality, and seek freedom and independence. Their ability to transition between land and sea symbolizes the fluidity of life and acceptance of change, guiding individuals through transformations. Additionally, mermaids are linked to creativity and inspiration, inspiring individuals to express their artistic talents.