Handcrafted Into The Woods Artisan Vegan Soap, Unique Small Gift, Avocado, Shea, Coconut Milk Soap, Natural Soap

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Into The Woods Artisan Soap! A great little hostess gift, Birthday gift or stocking stuffer!

Here at LOA Buffet we love bath and beauty products! Things that just make you FEEL good! When you FEEL good, you raise your vibration and you manifest quicker!

Gift Tip: Put together a "scent basket" filled with divine fragrances of different soaps, smudge sticks, bath salts, candles etc. for a thoughtful gift that will certainly be remembered!

Enchanting Into The Woods Soap! Everything on this bar is made of soap, even the beautiful snow and Evergreen tree! This soap is crafted with a nourishing oil and butter blend that will cleanse and moisturize your skin to perfection.


SCENT: Tropical notes of coconut water and pineapple nectar flow easily with lychee blossom and sugar cane.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Kaolin Clay, Olive Oil, Fragrance Oil, and Mica Powder.

Our vegan handcrafted bar soaps are made with a premium blend of skin-loving oils such as raw shea butter, coconut oil and kaolin clay. The addition of Kaolin clay & shea butter gives the soap a creamy and moisturizing lather. They create a natural cleansing experience that you can feel good about.

These bar soaps come wrapped in a card stock label that is recyclable, easy to remove and eliminates the use of unnecessary plastic.

Made in the USA

Allergen Alert: Soaps may contain nuts and seed oils. Please read ingredients list prior to use. If an allergic reaction or rash does occur, discontinue use immediately.

Not for ingestion, keep out of reach of children and pets.