Lava Stone Beaded Bracelet Red Jasper Aromatherapy Bracelet in Beautiful Silk Sari Jewelry Bag

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Beautiful Lava Stone and Red Jasper!

Lava Stone (also called Basalt) is a grounding stone created from molten lava, connecting you to Mother Earth. Being an ancient stone having formed in the earth's core over millions of years it is the perfect stone for times of change as it gives strength, passion, courage, guidance, calmness & balance. The two primal elemental energies of Lava Stone are Earth and Fire. So this wonderful stone can support you in two ways, offering balance and self-control a gift from Mother Earth or passion and assertiveness a gift from the Elemental energy of Fire

Red Jasper is considered a supreme nurturer. It has a long history of healing and is closely connected with Mother Earth. It supports emotional balance as well as physical wellbeing. It's energy gives endurance during times of difficulty, it is known for revitalizing and renewal. It has strong spiritual & warrior properties.

Because Lava Stone is very porous it also makes a wonderful aromatherapy diffuser by adding a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Use this bracelet to remind you to stay focused on your intentions all day, absorbing negative energies and allowing therapeutic benefits of the oil.

Lava and Red Jasper beaded elastic bracelet with brass accent beads makes a wonderful gift for yourself or others!

Comes in a random color beautiful Silk Sari Jewelry bag making it the perfect gift for yourself or others. These beautiful and unique gift bags are made from sari scraps in India, making them one of a kind and eco-friendly!
Made in India