Lucky Laughing Buddha Gemstone Candle

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Unscented Lucky Laughing Buddha Gemstone Candle 

Perfect for meditation, reflection & manifesting! This Lucky Laughing Buddha will support you with manifesting Happiness, Luck, Prosperity, Abundance, Health, Harmony, Balance, Love & more. The back of the candle shares the origional Lucky Laughing Buddha story. Reiki Charged by a Certified Reiki Energy Master prior to shipping.

Choose your Gemstone:

Amethyst: Stimulates the Third Eye, Strengthens Intuition & Psychic Abilities, Protection, Peace, Wisdom, Balance, Tranquility, Manifesting, & Power

Clear Quartz: “Master Healer,” Higher Consciousness, Mental Clarity, Amplifies Other Crystals, Manifest Intentions, Clearing, Balance, Inner Healing, & Spiritual Growth

Lapis Lazuli:  Inner Truth, Self-Expression, Wisdom, Integrity, Empathy, Compassion, Strength, Courage, Royalty, Truth, Protection, Peace, Prosperity, & Manifesting

Citrine: Joy, Energy, Confidence, Manifesting, Success, Prosperity, Spiritual Growth, Inspiration, Self-Improvement, Clarity, Good-Luck, Self-Trust, & Transformation


Palm Wax & Cotton Wicks


2"Dia x 6.25"H