Selenite Chakra Pendent in Sari Silk Gift Bag, Mindfulness Gift, Spiritual Jewelry, Meditation Jewelry, Spiritual Necklace

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Beautiful Selenite Chakra Stone Pendent makes a wonderful mindfulness gift for yourself or others.

Add this pendent to your favorite chain or cord. (not included)

Comes in a beautiful Silk Sari Gift Bag. (Gift Bag will be one of many beautiful random patterns & colors) These beautiful and unique gift bags are made from sari scraps in India, making them one of a kind and eco-friendly! Made by Fair Trade artisans in India

Often referred to as “liquid light” Selenite functions as a gentle but very effective healing tool and shifter of energy. Use it to connect with your higher self, angels, or spirit guides, promote peace and calmness, clear energy blocks, enable healing and balance.

Approx. 2 inch long pendent.
Pendants do not include chain or cord. Sold separately.


•Red - RED TIGER EYE -Root Chakra - Relates to: Survival, Grounding, & Stability / Sanskrit name: Muladhara

•Orange - CARNELIAN - Sacral Chakra - Relates to: Creation, Sexuality, Soul Fire / Sanskrit name: Svadhishthana

•Yellow - CITRINE - Solar Plexus Chakra - Relates to: Personal Power, Self -Worth, Self Confidence / Sanskrit name: Manipura

•Green - AVENTURINE - Heart Chakra - Relates to: Love, Inner Peace, Joy / Sanskrit name: Anahata

•Sky Blue - BLUE AGATE - Throat Chakra - Relates to: Communication, Self Expression, Speaking your Truth / Sanskrit name: Vishunddha

•Blue - SODALITE - Third Eye Chakra - Relates to: Intuition, Imagination, Wisdom / Sanskrit name: Anja

•Purple - AMETHYST - Crown Chakra - Relates to: Universal Consciousness, Enlightenment, Higher Self / Sanskrit name: Sahasrara