Tranquil Turquoise Wrap Bracelet

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Tranquil Turquoise Wrap Bracelet

Captivating sea green stone of the ancients! Provides remarkable healing properties, wisdom, protection, hope, good fortune. rebirth, protection & enduring love.


Beautiful tranquil wrap bracelet is perfect for connecting you with with element of water. Awesome for manifesting Health, Rebirth, New Beginings, Peace, & Tranquility.


Materials: Turquoise, Imperial Jasper, Amazonite Natural Stones

Stainless steel clasp & Genuine Leather

Length: Approx. 32.5 inches with 3 adjustable closures

Handmade Artwork To Wear & Help You Manifest!

*Since gemstones are natural materials, stone colors and shapes may vary slightly from bracelet to bracelet, making these beautiful handmade bracelets one of a kind!