Turquoise Blue Dhyana Buddha

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Please note: We carry this Buddha in 2 sizes. This is the smaller of the two. 

This beautiful Meditation Buddha is a symbol of stability, calm, and balance both mentally and physically.

The Dhayana Buddha depicts the Buddha in meditation channeling the flow of life force energy known as prana, you will also notice that the hands rest with the palms upward in the sacred gesture.

The beautiful turquoise blue glaze immediately emanates the energy of tranquility!

 Perfect for indoor or outdoor. Sset near your front door to welcome your guests, on the deck, in the garden, in a potted plant, or inside your home! Made of ceramic with a beautiful turquoise blue glaze. Perfect for indoors or outdoors.

Created by our Fair Trade partner. Glaze will vary as this is a hand-crafted item.

Product Dimensions: 7.75"H x 5.5 x 3.25