Unique Sterling Silver Mushroom Ring with Bronze Moon

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Unique Sterling Silver Mushroom Ring with Bronze Moon

This sterling silver mushroom ring with bronze moon will transport you to a far away fairy tale world where anything can happen. The details are truly delightful. Makes a great gift for avid readers, and imaginative creatives in your life.

Cultures the world over have discovered the magical healing properties of mushrooms, and revered them as spirit medicine. They promote longevity, vitality, and healing. Herbalists, culinary students, and mushroom hunters would appreciate this magical mushroom ring.

Fair Trade handmade in Bali. This collection is a thin metal ring that is light and airy. Perfect for those who do not like heavy jewelry You will hardly know you are wearing it!

COMES IN A SARI JEWELRY BAG - Jewelry Bag will be one of many beautiful random patterns & colors) These beautiful and unique gift bags are made from sari scraps in India, making them one of a kind and eco-friendly!

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