Chakras Goddess Tea Light Holder

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Chakras are the swirling energy centers of the body. They take in and emanate energy to keep the spiritual, mental and physical health of the body in balance. It is important that these energy centers are open and aligned to keep the energy moving freely.

Beautiful Polyresin Goddess Tea Light Holder! This Tea light holder is for both men and women since we all have both masculine and feminine energy. This beautiful Goddess will be a reminder to stay balanced and centered. It is so pretty with the vibrant colors representing the 7 chakras! She will make a great addition to your altar or sacred space!

Height in Inches: 7.5


•Red - Root Chakra - Relates to: Survival, Grounding, & Stability / Sanskrit name: Muladhara

•Orange - Sacral Chakra - Relates to: Creation, Sexuality, Soul Fire / Sanskrit name: Svadhishthana

•Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra - Relates to: Personal Power, Self -Worth, Self Confidence / Sanskrit name: Manipura

•Green - Heart Chakra - Relates to: Love, Inner Peace, Joy / Sanskrit name: Anahata

•Sky Blue - Throat Chakra - Relates to: Communication, Self Expression, Speaking your Truth / Sanskrit name: Vishunddha

•Blue - Third Eye Chakra - Relates to: Intuition, Imagination, Wisdom / Sanskrit name: Anja

•Purple - Crown Chakra - Relates to: Universal Consciousness, Enlightenment, Higher Self / Sanskrit name: Sahasrara